In-Gym Personal Training

"Having hated the gym all my life I decided to try using a Personal Trainer last year. After checking the qualifications of the PTs at pure gym Warrington I decided on Clayton due to the fact that he seemed the most qualified. After a full assessment of my fitness level, aims and goals I started sessions twice weekly with Clayton. I like the fact that realistic yet hard goals are set and that he does seem to take a personal pride when you do well and gives you lots of encouragement.

I have also taken up his offer of macro coaching and am now really seeing the benefits to my fitness levels and weight. I now actually enjoy going to the gym and we can also have a chat and a laugh whilst working out.

Highly recommended."

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"I started training with Clayton in October 2015 to lose weight and improve my fitness. I was already using a gym and while I had lost some weight I was finding it more difficult to maintain weight loss. What I achieved with Clayton’s help was to lose 7Kg of weight in 8 weeks, decreasing body fat percentage and improving my level of fitness.

Clayton provided several workouts for me to do each week and clear targets on my food intake. With a one hour session with Clayton in the gym we were able to improve my workouts, review progress and discuss obstacles. Clayton is supportive throughout the programme. He often shows his depth of knowledge by adapting exercises slightly to get a different result. While training with Clayton I was able to not just do the workouts but start to understand what the exercises were doing for me, how different routines achieved different results.

He always insisted on teaching good form for every exercise to ensure you do it right and get the most out of it. I am happy to recommend Clayton to anyone who is looking to lose weight or improve their level of fitness."

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"I really did think that personal training was for “other people”, that it wouldn’t be affordable, or that it wouldn’t make much of a difference if I was already going to the gym or studio classes anyway. I assumed that personal trainers meant protein shakes, very strict diets and 24/7 weight training which is just for serious bodybuilders, right? However I realised quite soon after joining the gym that actually I didn’t really know what I was doing and it was only when I started working with Clayton at CPL Fitness that I started to see that those assumptions were wrong.

Finally, by working out the right way, I am seeing real results! It’s so important to find a trainer who understands your goals and level of ability so you don’t feel out of your depth and give up. Clayton really takes the time to work out what you want to achieve and has a wealth of knowledge, skill (and patience!) to help you get there and gives you on-going support to keep you motivated. You can message him between sessions with any questions or concerns and he always gets back to you quickly with friendly helpful and positive support. Like many people I wanted to lose a little weight, improve my muscle tone, physique and general cardio fitness and keep it there.

Clayton develops a programme personal to you based on your base line starting point so it isn’t unachievable. He educates in correct strength, cardio and weights technique to help you get the best out of your workouts, and will spend time with you working on technique which is really important for someone just starting out. Following the guidance on nutrition and macros alongside has also made a really positive impact on how I feel and look and it’s not as time consuming or difficult as you might think. The main thing is that you get the right information about what you’re doing. Clayton helps you to stay positive and focussed but without making any of it seem like a chore which is important when you have a busy life and many calls on your time like I do but quite simply – this works."

In-Gym Personal Training

"As a 42 year old cardio obsessed individual who was getting bored of running and frustrated by stubborn weight that just wouldn't shift. On a whim I decided to enroll the help of Clayton. Well I now can't thank him enough, not only have I lost a stone but I'm in the best shape of my life and have muscle tone that I never thought possible. He has guided me through every aspect of training, technique, goal setting and nutrition and is on hand whenever I need that kick to get to the next level. Anyone who needs help to lose weight, improve technique or generally wants to improve fitness, look no further Clayton will support you to achieve your goals however big or small they are.

Thanks Clayton you're a STAR."

In-Gym Personal Training

"I would like to take this opportunity of recommending Clayton Leah as a personal trainer. After using gym's for many years and never quite getting the results I want I have been training with Clayton since September and find his knowledge and enthusiasm has really changed the way I train. Clayton designs a programme to fit your goals and your ability he's always encouraging and pushes you as far as he knows you can go to empower you and give you the confidence that you can reach whatever targets you have set yourself. My whole outlook to training and food has changed, I still have a way to go but am seeing the changes and I now feel confident that I have a trainer who will help me get there and won't let me give up.

Thanks Clayton."

Online Coaching

"I have been good friends with Clayton for just over a year or so and when I told him I wanted to lose weight for my summer holiday and none of my other diet plans had worked before, he said he could help me with macro coaching! Thank God I did, within 8 weeks of following his instructions to a tee I had lost 11lbs of fat (findings from bodpod) which was incredible! After 18 and a bit weeks I had lost over 30lbs in total and was in the best condition of my life, and all this was thanks to Clayton and his knowledge and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to reach their goals!"

In-Gym Personal Training Macro Coaching

"I have just completed my first 5 weeks with Clayton after hitting a plateau with my previous diet and exercise regime. So far I have lost over 7 pounds with no food restrictions, no meal training and no cardio, a complete contrast to before.

I feel less deprived, make better choices and I am overall far more consistent with my nutrition due to his Macro coaching. My confidence in lifting, form and strength have improved whilst losing body fat. Clayton is organised and professional and has introduced me to new methods of training that allow me to train less often and perform less sets and reps during training.

There is no timescale or precise number on the scale that I am working towards. I just plan on making continued progress with him, tailoring my plan as we go and I am grateful that I'll be working with someone who is so passionate and motivating to make that happen.

Clayton truly gets it, he's talented, pragmatic, very informative and he gets you results."

In-Gym Personal Training

"I wanted three things from a personal trainer, technique training, motivational help and an effective training plan. Clayton has helped me with all of these and more. Whilst working with him I have seen countless improvements in my body and in addition have become more confident and a regular gym goer. I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone looking for a personal trainer."

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"I have been training for the last 18 months and seemed to have hit a points of no return. I had also neglected my legs during this period. I noticed the determination of Clayton training legs one day and already knew he was a personal trainer. I was astonished by the weight he was lifting.

I approached him for some initial advice and decided to take up some PT sessions with him. I have now been doing the programme for 6 weeks and not only has my leg exercises such as squats massively improved but the weight I am lifting upper body has also improved massively.

I seem to have found a new determination level in myself and always aim to lift that slight bit heavier every week thanks to Clayton. I am certainly seeing improvement and look forward to comparing week 12 to week 1."

In-Gym Personal Training

"I came to Clayton with an idea in my head of certain goals and a physique I wanted to achieve. He gave me the information and advice based on my goals, once we put that into practice, the motivation came on its own!"

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"CPL Fitness has been a revelation for myself, giving me results I didn't believe were possible so soon. With the Macro Coaching, Regular Weighing and Gym Work, I could see the results very quickly and it has given me the tools to further progress with my long term goals.

Due to Claytons friendly flexible approach, the way he makes sure you perform each exercise safely and making sure you get the full benefit from the exercise, he gives you the confidence and motivation to succeed the right way.

The confidence it has given me and the physical results have been seen by others who never would have thought of approaching a Personal Trainer. I fully recommend CPL Fitness."

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"I was overweight, unfit, unenthusiastic and fast approaching 50. I have a full time job, busy lifestyle and struggling to keep up with demands of a small, very energetic boy. I was pushed to attend Clayton's circuit class. I liked the format, I liked the atmosphere and I liked his enthusiasm. I was losing weight and I was recommended to speak with Clayton for advice on a healthy lifestyle diet. Again I liked his approach and his knowledge. Easily fitting his advise into a day with not enough hours. My weight loss and diet is healthier without feeling food is controlling my time. My energy levels have increased, losing body fat and gaining muscle. I was so inspired by Clayton's passion I began to use his PT services.

The training has been dynamic and interesting. I've already seen physical changes and noticeable strength gains. The training has been personable and specific to my needs. He has continuously adapted the programme to challenge my weaknesses and build on my strengths. He is a hard task master when required and a great leader. His knowledge and enthusiasm has been infectious. I've even been inspired to train at 6.30am.

Clayton gives 100% effort in each session makes me push harder. I'm really looking forward to finding out what I can achieve with his focus. I've dropped 3 dress sizes, lost 3 stone and learnt a lot about technique and muscle function. I've Even had strangers commenting on my physique Clayton even puts up with my sarcastic and facetious attitude. Even the abuse I send him after each session. I would more than recommend and you'll never look back. I cannot thank him enough. I can see my target of still skiing in 15 yrs when my boy is a teenager is more than achievable. Thank you."

In-Gym Personal Training Online Coaching

"When I first started at Pure Gym, I knew what my goal was and yet did not know how the best way to achieve it would be. I started with some classes and that's when I met Clayton Leah. The attention to everybody as though they were the only person in the group was what made him stand out. Even when the last person was finishing on his own, he joined in with him and motivated him to finish.

This is when I took him on as my personal trainer, and like in the group sessions, he spends a lot of time getting to know you and your goals before sculpting a programme that will benefit and target the things your looking for.

Since I have started training with Clayton, the gym and workout programmes have become more challenging, but also more enjoyable. In the first week, Clayton took the time to explain the proper way of doing each exercise, what to focus on and now I feel much more confident while doing them and I know they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. He also stressed the importance of following my macros and stretching to improve my flexibility and mobility.

Clayton's personal, friendly and engaging approach to his personal training sessions makes you feel relaxed and motivated, he takes the time to ask you how you are, how your week's been, and get to know more about you. In just over two months my progression has been amazing, I have dropped from a 36 to a 34 waist, lost weight/sculpted and I'm lifting weights I never thought I would. I'm at the stage now where I only need the odd reminder to straighten my back to remind me to focus. He also constantly revises the workouts to help you gain optimum results. Overall if your looking for personal training, with an emphasis on the PERSONAL, CPL fitness comes highly recommended to anyone, you won't regret it."