Macro Coaching

My specialised macro coaching provides you with your own unique numbers tailored towards your height, weight, age, sex and activity level. You must stay within 100 calories of these numbers. If your goal is to lose weight/body fat, do not go over by any means, if your goals is to build muscle, do not go under the calories provided.

For this you will need:

  • To be 100% Committed
  • To Weigh out your food using a digital food scale
  • To Weigh yourself every morning using a digital weighing scale
  • To Report back to me every week with your weigh-ins
  • To hit your numbers every single day with no excuses
  • To be as accurate as you can with your Macros
  • To plan your days out
  • To meal prep

You will receive:

  • Customised Macros
  • 12 Hour Guaranteed Response Time
  • Weekly Adjustments to your Calories and Macros
  • My Personal Phone Number for any Questions you may have
  • 3 Page Typed Dietary Advice Sheet
  • A Generic Food List

Please understand:

  • It is YOUR job to check-in with me weekly
  • I will not chase you up for your weigh-ins
  • If you are not accurate with your macros, your results will suffer
  • The more accurate you are with your macros, the better your results will be

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30 Days £50 -
60 Days £90 10%
90 Days £130 13%