I'm gonna take that stubborn body fat, burn it to hell, and get you that body you've always dreamed of! You want it? I'm gonna give it to you. I'll motivate and push you until you want to give up... And then we start training!

You don't know what real training is until you've trained with me. Want proof? Read my testimonials and check out my videos.

Clayton Leah, CPL Fitness

Featured Personal Training

"He often shows his depth of knowledge by adapting exercises slightly to get a different result. While training with Clayton I was able to not just do the workouts but start to understand what the exercises were doing for me, how different routines achieved different results. He always insisted on teaching good form for every exercise to ensure you do it right and get the most out of it. I am happy to recommend Clayton to anyone who is looking to lose weight or improve their level of fitness."

Mark Elleray, client

"Well I now can't thank him enough, not only have I lost a stone but I'm in the best shape of my life and have muscle tone that I never thought possible. He has guided me through every aspect of training, technique, goal setting and nutrition and is on hand whenever I need that kick to get to the next level. Anyone who needs help to lose weight, improve technique or generally wants to improve fitness, look no further Clayton will support you to achieve your goals however big or small they are."

Melanie Southcote, client


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